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Windmill offers extensive experience and expertise in
Kofax technology

We are better together. Windmill is here to support you with our extensive expertise in Kofax technology. Our pre-built solutions allow you to get Kofax technology deployed in your organization quicker and with less effort. Windmill is a Kofax award-winning Platinum partner and has successfully deployed Kofax solutions since 2007 for a variety of clients throughout North America. Windmill leverages Kofax solutions with every opportunity, representing 97% of Windmill software and services business.

Windmill technical expertise covers the following Kofax technologies:

Kofax TotalAgility

Kofax RPA

Kofax AP Agility

Kofax KC/KTM

Kofax KPI

Kofax Mobile

Kofax Markview

AP Essentials

Windmill has the tools

In addition, Windmill has created purpose-built applications that utilize the Kofax platform that can accelerate and complement your organizational process. These solutions have been successfully deployed across North America, offering substatial growth, cost savings, and performance by automating tasks.

Learn how our experience and expertise can empower productivity through automation.

Windmill and Kofax
We’re better together.