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Windmill's EasyDental Solution automates the processing of painful dental paper claims!

How EasyDental solutions helps your team

EasyDental - Automated Data Extraction

Powered by Tungsten technology, EasyDental provides best-in-class OCR extraction of both Canadian and American dental association forms. EasyDental also extracts data from supporting documentation from other insurance providers when there is a coordination of benefits!

EasyDental - Robotic Interfaces

Worry about complex integrations? EasyDental leverages Tungsten RPA to automatically update your claims management system without lengthy programming and unreasonable costs. Are you concerned about your IT team's priorities? We've got this! Provide us with a login, and the robot will enter them just like a user!

“(Windmill's) solution was significantly more automated than competitor solutions... It resulted in us offering more competitive services to our clients.”

Director of Delivery Services - Major Canadian Insurance Company
EasyDental is built under Tungsten's TotalAgility platform. Easily scan, route, engage business users, and integrate into all lines of business applications.
Windmill solutions are available on-premise, on the cloud, and can be enabled on all user interfaces such as desktop, mobile, and tablets!
With the support of Kofax Process Intelligence, EasyDental allows for operational excellence and continuous improvements. Reports and dashboards help teams monitor systems, users, and even providers and members when needed.

EasyDental Features

Support a paperless environment.

Business Intelligence (reporting) you can rely on.

Cloud, Premise, Mobile? Yes, Yes, Yes!


Learn how EasyDental can work for you

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