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How EasyClearance offers

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EasyClearance - Organize Information

Automatic classification, separation, and extraction of header and line-items from commercial invoices and carrier manifests. Powered by Kofax technology, EasyClearance considers the complexities of your business.

EasyClearance - Prioritize Resources

Features user forms designed to validate and "train" documents, as well as automated learning solutions created to increase departmental productivity, without the need for IT resources.

“By using EasyClearance, we are now able to process a 40-page commercial invoice within a few minutes... which used to take us half a day to process before.”

VP of Customs - Major Global Logistics Organization
Accurately process multi-page invoices in minutes instead of hours.
Utilize leading intelligent Cognitive Capture learning technology without taking advantage of precious IT resources.
Provide better customer service and allow your team to showcase their skills, rather than spend time on repetitive data entry tasks.

Features of


Automatically extract documents from watched email accounts.

Classify and separate documents by commercial invoice, carrier manifest, and other supporting papers.

Extract header and line-items from commercial invoices and carrier manifests.

Implement easy user forms to validate and train documents.

Automated learning solutions increase productivity without the need for IT.


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