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Succeed as an enterprise with EasyClearance for Descartes solutions

EasyClearance for Descartes - Integrate Systems

Powered by Tungsten technology, EasyClearance can be integrated with Descartes ITMR4 or Descartes DM allowing you to enjoy a full suite of solutions designed for you!

Easy Clearance for Descartes - Process Invoices

Process multi-page commercial invoices quickly and accurately, allowing your team to manage customer expectations and workloads.

“In addition to the productivity gains from Windmill EasyClearance, the solution has freed up time for our people from the mundane, data entry tasks. That has allowed us to focus our resources on compliance and customer service, which gives our clients a better overall experience. Windmill has been very responsive in helping us achieve those goals.”

Paul Glionna, VP Systems Development & Operations | Universal Logistics
Empower your team as knowledgeable and experienced customs experts, not data entry clerks.
Process multi-page invoices in minutes rather than hours, with a solution your team can easily manage.
Improve customer satisfaction ratings with personalized service that meets their specific needs.

Features of

EasyClearance for Descartes

Automatically extract documents from watched email accounts.

Classify and separate documents with your current Descartes DM process.

Send OCR commercial invoices directly to Descartes to complete the transaction.

EasyClearance for Descartes

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