Yakidoo is rebranding to Windmill

Like everyone at the moment, we’re adapting to new ways of living and working, but our core purpose remains the same: to help make businesses more productive

Our automation solutions can simplify processes, making it quicker and easier to do things like acquire new customers, process order forms, onboard staff, and provide access to needed resources.

We believe in human potential and our ability to innovate for good. We believe that technology should work for us. We believe in changing the world one process at a time.

That’s why we are rebranding to ‘Windmill’ with a mission to power productivity for our team, our partners, and our valued clients.   

Why Windmill?

A product of human ingenuity, windmills have been powering automation for over 1,500 years. A powerful icon of innovation that symbolizes our commitment to utilize smart technology in automating business processes.

We’ve launched a new website at www.windmill.services and 
we’re excited to share the meaningful ways in which we are helping our customers help their customers in the midst of the pandemic.

Over the coming months, our expert team will explore how streamlining your processes can help you offer better service and value to your customers as we all adjust to the new normal.

While our name may have changed, our team has not! And we are as committed as ever to you, our clients, partners, and vendors. We look forward to continuing to serve you under our new brand, Windmill.

Any questions? Get in touch - we’d love to hear your thoughts or start a new conversation!

Victor, Joseph and all the team at Windmill.