At Windmill, we automate business processes so your team can focus on what really matters. BlueSprig Pediatrics experienced just that. With the implementation of ReadSoft Technology by the Team at Windmill, BlueSprig was able to streamline invoice processing with automated workflows for their entire A/P team. Want to learn more? Listen to Fatyah Douglas the Accounts Payable Manager at BlueSprig on their success with Windmill.

Windmill Customer Success Story: BlueSprig Pediatrics

• Fatiyah Douglas, Accounts Payable Manager
• BlueSprig is the premier provider with the highest standard in ABA therapy
• Working in the mental health community
• Serving children from birth to the age of 13
• Operating in clinics across the USA

Tell us why you wanted to automate accounts payable at BlueSprig?

• Large group of Autism clinics and users
• Not efficient to rely on paper invoices through the mail coming from all over the country
• Using email is not efficient with too many steps to go through before being able to enter into ERP
• Too many approvers using email reduced efficiency to pay vendors
• With growth of BlueSprig there was a need to increase A/P efficiency without adding resources

With using 2 instances of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for your ERP, how did your approvers find the changes you made?

• ReadSoft Online is very intuitive
• Acceptance was positive and rollout was very smooth
• Windmill video helped with onboarding
• User interface is very user friendly and intuitive
• It is clear how to approve documents, even for a novice user

What are the overall benefits that you see with ReadSoft Online?

• Processing approximately 30,000 invoices annually
• Processing and approval of invoices is faster
• Allows the A/P team to focus on other processes
• Automated Intelligence feature is very accurate in capturing and remembering vendor & workflow

What are the overall impressions of Windmill?

• Windmill delivered exactly what was promised
• Windmill team was very responsive during and after implementation
• The system has been up since implementation
• Windmill delivered the project on time on budget

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